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Kitatus is a 100% free website dedicated to aiding you in your quest to dominate Unreal Engine 4. Be it your dream video-game, an awesome tool or your next animation – Kitatus exists to help you reach your goals!

HaveThisCourse-Based Structure

Sometimes video tutorials or massive walls of text can’t help you solve that problem you’re dying to figure out. Sometimes you want a deeper understanding of a feature to take your projects to the next level – That’s where Kitatus comes in! Our easy to use site coupled with our courses system allows you to learn at your own pace and skill level; Saving you time, money and sanity.

image-1Communicate with People

The site also featrures a deep social system in which you can connect with instructors and other users. The Kitatus experience doesn’t end once you’ve completed a course – Socialize with others to get extra help, request new courses or to help others on their journeys. Think of it as the MMO of mastering Unreal Engine 4.


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Top Experts

Ryan Shah

We create free educational content for learning Unreal Engine 4 and game development in general to help you create the video-games of your dreams.

Mathew Wadstein

I am dedicated to exploring Unreal Engine 4 and the Blueprint programming language that it uses. You can think of me as a companion to the API documentation as I try to cover the how and why for what things are used for when using the Blueprint system.