KITATUS is the pseudonym of Ryan Shah – A Game Developer based in the United Kingdom. A passionate developer with over 10 years experience in the industry, Ryan specializes in Unreal Engine 4, developing experiences for Desktop, Mobile, VR and Consoles.

Being extremely passionate about projects he works on, combined with a soft spot for educating others in the art of video-games creation, Ryan strives hard for the highest possible quality in his projects and actively seeks challenging endeavours that will aid in his quest to educate others from his experiences.

Ryan began his adventure in the game development industry in the mid-2000’s, utilizing Macromedia Flash (which evolved in Adobe Flash MX and now Adobe Animate) to craft simple game and animation experiences for Newgrounds under various pseudonyms. From the feedback received from these projects, he began to iterate his design ideologies and development processes and his appreciation for game design began to formulate and evolve.

At the turn of the decade, he began to focus on 3D game development with tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine 3. This meant shifting away from limited programming languages such as Actionscript and moving over to languages such as C# and C++. At this point, Ryan began to experiment with more of a gameplay programming role, delving deep into systems such as Artificial Intelligence and tool development to speed up his development workflow.

With the release of Unreal Engine 4, in addition to research, development and experimentation, Ryan decided to shift gears and focus on educating others in the game development field. He created a free education portal called KITATUS which taught people all over the world how to use Unreal Engine 4. The portal also taught important lessons on other aspects of the game development cycle such as game design documentation and beginner lessons in coding. This KITATUS initiative was viewed over 20 million times and used over 250TB of bandwidth over its two year lifetime with extremely positive reviews.

From this work, in 2015 Ryan was hired by Epic Games to work on their Marketplace as a reviewer, providing quality assurance on incoming submissions to their Marketplace to ensure they followed guidelines, that they met the quality expected and that submissions did not include malicious content. Over time, his role matured and included tasks such as tool development within Unreal Engine 4 to speed up the submission process.

In 2017, he worked with companies such as Framestore and KBC Brussels using his skills in Unreal Engine 4 and C++ to help them achieve their goals. During this time, Ryan set up Avant Garde Homunculus – the world’s first virtual game development studio to house his experimental projects and help further sharpen his C++ and Unreal Engine 4 skillset.